11 “Game Of Thrones” Flashcards To Help You Keep The Plot Straight

Do you get hella confused while you’re watching “Game of Thrones” every week, mixing up Roose and Ramsay or Melisandre and Missandei? Are you constantly asking friends to clarify what the hell is going on and who that skinny guy is who’s sleeping in the kennels at Winterfell? Never fear! Here are some handy, printable flashcards to help you keep the plot straight. If you have requests for more, leave them in the comments! (Warning! Includes spoilers if you’re not caught up to the fifth season as of today, May 14, 2015.)

Westeros vs Essos
Wildlings vs Whitewalkers
Stannis vs Davos
The Boltons
Who The Hell Is Reek
Dorne vs Highgarden
Braavos vs Meereen
Melisandre vs Missandei
Jorah vs Barristan
Daenerys Names
Which Dragon Is Which


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