Watch Kristen Schaal Take On The Scourge Of Dadbod On “The Daily Show”

Senior women’s correspondent Kristen Schaal took on the dadbod phenomenon on last night’s “Daily Show,” perfectly skewering exactly what’s wrong with this absolutely ridiculous “trend” that’s held our nation in thrall for the past week or so.

“You don’t have to be a dad to have a dadbod — you just have to be really lazy!” Schaal says, as she singlehandedly body-shames Jon by making him standup and twirl, showing off his adequate physique, honed after years of sitting behind a desk and yelling into camera one or camera two.

The whole clip is great, but the most horrifying part is the supercut of celebrity women being lauded for bouncing back to their “momshell” bodies post-baby. What a wonderful world! (Not sure if you have a dadbod? Just follow the flowchart below!)

frisky dadbod flowchart