Soon You Will Be Able To Order Domino’s With The Pizza Emoji

Here’s some fantastic news for connoisseurs of mediocre-but-still-awesome pizza: Starting May 20, you can now tweet a pizza emoji at Domino’s, and they’ll deliver a pizza to you. I envy those still in college occupying their nights with bong rips and videogames, because this makes things SO MUCH EASIER. In my day, we actually had to pick up the phone and speak to a human, and let me tell you, that was no fun. This is like what you dream of when you think of the future — sending a message to the Borg and magically getting pizza. [Megan, in fairness, you would not want the Borg to deliver you pizza. They would destroy you. Resistance is futile. Just ask Captain Picard. — Amelia]

According to The Independent, you set up an Easy Order account, register your Twitter handle and topping selections. Once you’re ready to order, tweet “44 pizza emoji in a pizza formation” to Dominos, and wait for the DM that confirms that you actually want to order a pizza, and didn’t just entrust your phone to your technologically advanced toddler.

This is either the end of society as we know it or the beginning of an era of frightening convenience. Either way, I’m probably going to tweet for a pizza.

[h/t Eater]