Mulder And Scully Reunite To Sing Neil Young Song, Make Out

In what seems a lot like some kind of fan fiction written on a Geocities page but somehow is not, last night at some kind of event meant to promote David Duchovny’s new album (because I guess he is Bruce Willis now?), Duchovny teamed up with “X-Files” co-star Gillian Anderson to sing Neil Young’s “Helpless.” THEN, they totally kissed. On the mouth! Cue Full House-style audience “WOOOOOOO!”

Also, it is all on video, which you can watch above. To be honest I watched like, maybe a minute of the singing before I just fast forwarded to the making out. You are welcome to do the same, or to watch all of it. The most important thing with all of this is that it is a real thing that happened in real life, and also that “The X-Files” is coming back to television in January of 2016. [Billboard]