“I Am Female As Fuck”: The Promo For Samantha Bee’s Talk Show Is Life-Giving

I LOVE SAMANTHA BEE. I love her so much, and I am so glad that she is getting her own late night show on TBS. This promo for the show is so delightful that I actually feel a little tingly. It is the best thing. The absolute best thing. I want to have ten thousand of her babies.

I don’t even watch late night shows, but I will loyally watch this every night for two important reasons. One, because Samantha Bee is awesome and hilarious. Duh. Two, entirely out of spite for network people who insist that America is “not ready” for a female late night host. Is it petty? Sure, maybe a little bit. But as I have always said– “If they’re not ready for a female late night host, then perhaps they’re not ready for a female audience either.” I am 100% ready (and excited for) Samantha Bee. [TVLine]