Senate Democrats Kill Fast Track Of Terrible TPP Trade Deal

Hip-hip hooray! Elizabeth Warren for Queen of Everything! Remember that incredibly crappy and altogether terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal I was kvetching about yesterday? Well, luckily for all of us, the Senate Democrats nipped it in the bud–meaning that Obama will not get to fast track it before the public is allowed to see what is actually in it, or without Congress being able to amend it. Which is a very nice thing!

The vote to fast track the TPP failed, with 45 senators voting against it, to 52 in favor. Obama needed 60 in order for it to pass. Even Democrats who had previously supported the bill–or at least finding some kind of compromise with Republicans on it–voted against it because it did not include provisions to block China from engaging in currency manipulation.

I’m sorry, but Obama is very, very wrong about this deal–as clearly indicated by the fact that he is siding with Nike and Mitch McConnell against Elizabeth Warren, Robert Reich and Doctors Without Borders. He can snark on about her being “a politician” too, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s right.

I’m especially glad about this–not just because the deal itself is horrifying and a terrible idea–but because it’s a sign that the Senate Democrats are getting more on board with being Team Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders and less Team Republican-Lite. It’s time they actually started being progressive rather than just being accused of it. I’m glad Warren and Sanders are starting to have as much influence as they do.

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