Oh God, Sarah Jessica Parker Is Possibly Threatening Us With “Sex And The City 3″

“Sex and the City” was a great television show. “Sex and the City,” the movie, makes me cry when I’m in the right mood. “Sex and the City: 2″ is an abomination that I couldn’t actually get through. Now, Sarah Jessica Parker appears to be threatening us with a third movie, if her most recent Instagram is any indication. Let’s look at the evidence.

This certainly seems like it could be a cryptic teaser of another two and a half hour slog through Carrie’s life, but it could also be a variety of other things. Maybe she’s running away forever to retire quietly on an island where she will sing show tunes to her children and Matthew Broderick. Maybe this is the last known shot we have of her departing the fair island of Manhattan. Or, maybe that Bloomingdales bag and that jaunty leap in her sensible Manolos really do mean that we’re getting what no one asked for. She’ll keep us posted, I guess.

[h/t Lucky]