Meet The 25 Doofuses Who Will Decide Whether Kaitlyn Or Britt Is The Next “Bachelorette”

This coming Monday, May 18, “The Bachelorette” franchise will kick off its latest season, and this time, there’s a twist. This season starts off by pitting two “Bachelorette” hopefuls, last season’s Britt (left) and Kaitlyn (right), against each other, with the 25 guys getting to pick who they would like to spend the rest of the season dating. Ugh. If they don’t repeat this same stunt on next season’s “Bachelor,” by pitting two dudes against each other, I will cry “SEXISM!” even louder than I do during every episode of this godforsaken series that I just can’t quit. Anyway, time to make some snap judgements about the 25 dopes in V-neck T-shirts and/or jewel tone buttondowns vying for roses this season!