A New Bill In NYC Will Actually Let New Yorkers Identify As Multiracial On Official City Forms

New York City Council Member Margaret Chin spearheaded a bill on Monday that would allow New York City residents to identify as multiracial on all city forms, in a small but meaningful step towards recognizing the growing diversity of both the city and the world in general. While this change might seem insignificant to many people who don’t really have second thoughts when staring at the five options for racial identity, it’s pretty important to those of us who feel like we have to betray one or multiple parts of ourselves when faced with those damn checkboxes. This bill would allow for more accurate demographic information which could possibly be used to craft legislation and also to understand how city policies are affecting people of every race.

It seems ridiculous to cry “progress” at this, because it is ridiculous that we are in the year 2015, and it is no longer illegal to marry someone outside your race. It’s nice to feel recognized, to no longer have to sit and stare at the boxes and figure out whether or not you identify more with one side of your family than the other. That’s a loaded question, and one that certainly doesn’t need to be answered when you’re trying to apply for daycare or public housing.

While it’s a smooth move politically, it’s also nice to know that you can recognize both your parents, and not be forced to chose sides. Let’s just hope that those cool jokesters don’t ruin it for the rest of us by checking multiracial when they are really just half Welsh and half Swedish.  Make me proud, DiBlasio, and make this official.

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