Walmart Is Making Serious Bank On Water From Drought Stricken Sacramento

Right now, as you may know, the state of California is suffering one of the worst droughts on record. The city of Sacramento currently has a “Level 2 Water Shortage” in effect, meaning that residents who want to wash their car or water their lawns can only do so on specific days at specific times.

However, at the same time, Walmart is getting their water from Sacramento. Water that they buy for 99 cents for every 748 gallons, and then sell back to you for 88 cents a gallon! Which means that for every dollar they spend on water from Sacramento, they make $658.24. That’s insane, right? I’m pretty sure that is insane.

On top of that, the water is sold under the label “Great Value!” I don’t know what your concept of a “great value” is, but paying about a dollar for about 0.001323 cent’s worth of water does not seem like much of one to me.

Via CBS Sacramento:

“Either they were unaware, uninformed or unintentionally did this,” said public relations expert Doug Elmets. “It could be all three of those. Whatever it is, it’s a bad move and they need to correct it and they need to do it quickly.”


Elmets wonders if this perfectly legal business operation will get a big thumbs-down from California consumers. This comes as Sacramento-area water districts are preparing to enforce residential water-use cuts as high as 36 percent.

“It’s certainly leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when you can’t fill up a swimming pool, if you’re building a new home in West Sacramento; you can’t water your lawn if you’re living in this region. And to find out they’re making a huge profit off of this, it’s just not right,” Elmets said.

I am not sure why the city of Sacramento is going along with this in the first place, when they are asking citizens to cut back 36 percent of their own water usage–but clearly, this is something that needs to change.

Starbucks recently found themselves in a similar position when it was “discovered” (ie: someone actually read the label) that their “Ethos” bottled water was also from drought-stricken California. They have since moved production to it’s supplier in Pennsylvania. Which still does not make naming their bottled water “Ethos” any less ironic.

Now, this whole thing is super messed up, and Walmart should certainly start getting its water from somewhere else. But do you know what is also messed up? Buying water, a thing that comes out of your faucet, in plastic bottles for way more money than it actually costs! Who’s the putz here? I mean, if your water tastes bad, there is a thing called a water filter or a Brita pitcher that you can use to make it taste not bad. And then you can put it in a bottle yourself and take it around with you wherever you might like to go. It’s a radical idea, for sure, but it’s for sure a lot cheaper and a lot less wasteful!

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