Governor Cuomo Orders Emergency Measures Against Nail Salon Hazards

Just days after the New York Times’ devastating and illuminating two-part opus on the nail salon industry in New York, change is already afoot. Now, the Times reports that on Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered emergency measures to help with the wage theft and health hazards that run rampant throughout the industry.

Effective immediately, he said in a statement, a new, multiagency task force will conduct salon-by-salon investigations, institute new rules that salons must follow to protect manicurists from the potentially dangerous chemicals found in nail products, and begin a six-language education campaign to inform them of their rights.

The task force will be enforcing measures set in place to ensure safety and a fair work environment, from protective gloves and face masks for workers to shield them from the harsh chemicals, to a bill of rights for workers in Korean, Chinese and English. While many of these workers are also undocumented, the task force will not be concerned with their immigration status, which is a welcome relief. This is an admirable move, and one that will hopefully help alleviate the issues faced by these women who are tirelessly working to make sure that we have nice feet for sandal season. [New York Times]