Everyone But Your Mom And Katy Perry Will Star In Taylor Swift’s Video For “Bad Blood”

Hey girl, did you get your invite yet? Duh, your invite to be in, like, the hottest music video of the year, of course. You know, for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”? Soooo many people got their invites already, I’m sure yours is coming. Of course, Karlie Kloss and Ellie Goulding are set to appear in the video, they’re Taylor’s besties, for starters, and also, Taylor never travels without at least two blonde doppelgangers by her side at all times. But because she’s committed to diversity, Tay also invited a couple of brunettes — Hailee Steinfeld and Lily Aldridge — and also Lena Dunham. I mean, even Gigi Hadid got an invite, and it took me, like, five minutes to realize she’s Yolanda’s daughter on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” So there’s no way you’re not getting an invite. Shit, Kendrick Lamar is even dropping his cool cred in order to play a guy named Welvin in the video. Did you know autocorrect changes Welvin to “Well then”? Well then, now you do. Anyway, girl, I wouldn’t sweat it. Your invite is probably waiting in your mailbox.