Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Montage Of Heck,” Listen To The Alabama Shakes & Make An Emoji Clutch


Do you live in a home? Do you have dreams of living in a larger or better home than the one you are currently inhabiting? Do you derive great pleasure from watching a tiny, pint-sized woman restore beautiful old houses in Detroit to their former glory? Please direct yourself to Netflix and watch every episode of “Rehab Addict,” which is a show on HGTV that features all of the aforementioned. You will not regret it. – Megan

I’m going to start watching my DVR’d episodes of “Wolf Hall” on PBS. Even though no one is really liking it, I’m determined to try. – Katrin

Have you watched “Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck” yet, like I told you to do? Have you watched it a second time, like I did, and got even more out of it the first time? Holy crap, you guys, this documentary is so good, I am just going to have to insist that you watch it twice. – Amelia


Kehlani is a hot young thing out of Oakland, immensely talented, and really good at what she does, which is singing slinky jams over synths and icy beats. Here is her mixtape, which is on Spotify. – Megan

I’ll be listening to The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates: Remastered, because I am a dad, though not with a dad bod. – Katrin

The two new albums I’ve got on repeat right now are the Alabama Shakes’ Sound and Color and Passion Pit’s Kindred. Both have serious soul, but totally different vibes, and are the perfect soundtrack for spring. – Amelia


I started watching the Roger Ebert documentary “Life, Itself,” and couldn’t make it through without crying, so I turned to the memoir of the same name, and am having a much better go of it. – Megan

This piece over at Vice by Melissa Gira Grant, about April Brogan, an opiate-addicted sex worker who died in police custody, is a tragic must read about the way law enforcement treats both sex workers and drug addicts as subhuman. – Amelia

Journalist David Carr’s death last year hit hard for those of us who admired his work both as a writer, but also as a man who conquered drug addiction and was a single parent to twin daughters. Now one of those daughters, Erin Lee Carr, has written a tribute to her dad for Glamour that is sure to be a total tearjerker. Grab the tissues. – Amelia


I’ve been trying to piece together a gallery wall and I’m hoping I’ll find some time to put it up this weekend. I found some good advice on putting one together here. If you’re a renter or simply don’t want to put holes in your wall, check out these alternative methods for displaying art! – Claire


A larger-than-life emoji clutch? A larger-than-life emoji clutch! – Claire

Whip up some macarons at home because why not? – Claire