Psychotic Polish Presidential Candidate Is A Monster

We thought our crazy Republicans like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush were bad, but Poland is on a whole other level together.

Brace yourselves for Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a presidential candidate for Poland’s next election who plans to get rid all benefits, legalise child pornography (???) and stop women from voting, as Poland votes for a new president.

He was quoted as saying “I can buy pornography at home, I can look at it, I can even have child pornography on my computer – why not, it’s my computer, my home, and I can look.”

Um, okay pedophilic monster! Please fuck off of the Earth! What the hell is this?

He elaborated saying that looking at child pornography is not the same as child abuse and that if the children aren’t abused then there isn’t anything wrong with it. You know, because filming children pornographically isn’t abuse I guess? Lord have mercy.

Luckily few in the mainstream take this candidate seriously, but still, how does someone like this get even near a podium in the first place?

This is a giant scary NOPE.

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