Synthetic Pot Leads To Nationwide Spike In Hospitalizations

Hey kids! Stick to the real stuff!

If you’re like me you are wondering what the hell “synthetic marijuana” even is.

Since January, poison control centers across the country have reported 359 cases of illnesses and several deaths from herbs laced with “synthetic cannabinoids”, chemicals which mimic the effects of the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana. It also happens to be totally toxic.

The especially worrisome chemical compound is called MAB-CHMINACA and is found in the brand K-2. It is relatively new and has not been banned by the federal government yet making it far too readily available for consumption. It was available for $30 at convenience stores and head shops, with authorities not catching on to its dangers until now.

This all goes to show that we should be legalizing real marijuana, since it is plant based, and not full of scary synthetic chemical shit like this.

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