Giant Whiny Baby Man Refuses To Sell Tampons Because They Are ‘Gross’

I don’t now where these subhuman crybaby sewer men come from but I guess the British Singer/Songwriter Mary Epworth found one in a gas station in Iowa while on tour (with the cast of the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale).

She just happened to get her period while on tour and had to go buy some tampons. The most banal activity in the history of transactions – you would think. But in our squirm culture which is a combo of American sexual repression and fear of actual living breathing women humans, it is apparently a ghastly episode.

It’s not fun getting your period while traveling – it is the worst – and it is just that much worse when you have to go buy tampons at a gas station and the 20 year old dude behind the counter is a sewer goblin who can’t look at feminine products without skreaking for his
mummy as seen in Epworth’s tweet here:

Jeffrey Cranor, a writer for the podcast on tour, skewered the baby gasman as well:

Well done for calling him out, Jeffrey! Turns out Epworth had to get a female staff member of the gas station to finally sell her the tampons. The employee rolled her eyes at her coworker and said that this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

I’m about ready to go to this 20 year old man’s house and cover his entire house with a giant Tampax spider web full of my own menstrual blood. Who will join me?

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