Dickensian Villain Darrell Issa Says American Poor Are “Envy Of The World”

America’s richest Republican congressman, Darrell Issa of California, with a net worth of $350,000,000, was quoted saying that “The US poor are the envy of the world.” Oh? Ok let us go to “the rest of the world” and ask them shall we?

This intensely ignorant statement does a few things:

It silences Americans who are living in poverty
It silences those who are living in poverty around the world
It minimizes the experiences of people in our own backyard somehow alluding that we shouldn’t care about the people in our own backyard because somehow it’s worse for “those people over there and so we should be going “there” to help this poor souls instead?”
It immediately makes the poor people in other countries look like some kind of pathetic othered species that America needs to save.
It is ethnocentric and egomaniacal.

Note that this type of argument is also used when people talk about rape and women’s rights in the US. It is a common tactic misogynists use when attempting to silence women by saying “but it’s so much worse in other countries, you should be grateful.” That’s right, keep everything as it is, your rapes and your poverty are better here. Keep it unequal and subpar in our own fucking country just because it’s bad somewhere else. The illogic in this statement is palpable and I’m consistently ashamed that I have representatives in my own country spewing this kind of villainous rhetoric from their gilded towers.

It is one more example of the privileged speaking on behalf of a group that they are not a part of, essentially spitting in their faces.