Watch Prom Fashion (And Dance Moves!) Evolve Over The Past 80 Years

Prom: how quickly it shifts from the Most Important Night Of Your Life to a warm, hazy blip in your memory by the very next day, not to be given so much as a thought until years, if not decades, later. Teen Vogue sent me down memory lane with this video featuring eighty years’ worth of prom style. If I’m being honest, I was skeptical about whether prom as we know it was even a thing in 1938, but Google tells me that in the ’30s, high school proms were just starting to take root nationwide. It was modeled off of similar events that took places on college campuses in the 1800s and in its beginnings was more like a debutante ball than a school dance. Prom evolved into the money-sucking bonanza we know today around the ’50s when kids started holding the events in banquet halls instead of the school gym and incorporating those beloved limos into the vening. Oh, how the times have changed – or have they? All I can say is I’d love to borrow that 1956 dress and that 2001 hair. [BuzzFeed]