Vermont Lawmaker/Farm Pimp Charged With Sexual Assault

Well this is not something you see everyday! Vermont State Senator Norman McAllister (R-The Sex Farm), one of the most outspoken conservatives in Vermont’s legislature, pleaded not guilty on Friday to three charges each of sexual assault and prohibited acts.

The 63 year-old dairy farmer and legislator has been accused by three women who say he attempted to trade sex for rent, pimp them out to farm hands to help cover rent, and also used sex acts as a punishment for injuring a farm worker with a tractor.

Via Seattle PI:

In court records released after Friday’s arraignment, prosecutors said McAllister told one woman they could both earn extra money if he brought her to other farms to have sex with farm workers. The woman told investigators McAllister said he would take half of what she earned from the sexual encounters to help pay her rent.

According to the woman, McAllister said: “That’s totally up to you. I mean, we were trying to figure out a way to get you money.”

One of his workers told investigators she was being taught how to drive a tractor and when the worker teaching her was injured, McAllister said her punishment for causing the injury was to let him perform a sexual act on her.

His attorneys ask everyone to not rush to judgement, as they are ready to present a very different version of events, though what those could even be is beyond me. Perhaps he will say he was unduly influenced by the work of Spinal Tap?

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