Study: Americans Are Way The Hell More Into A Gay President Than An Evangelical One

You know how we are always being told about the “Silent Majority” of “Real Americans” and whatnot? And how we liberals control the media and are using that sinister power to shove gay people RIGHT DOWN THEIR THROATS in a non-sexual manner, as they cry and protest and fret about the possibility of being doomed to hell for being forced make pizzas for gay weddings?

Surprise! That is mostly bullshit! According to a study by NBC News and liberal bastion the Wall Street Journal – as it turns out, 61 percent of America is even “ready” for a gay president (other than James Buchanan…). That’s right — 61 percent said they would be either enthusiastic or comfortable with a gay president. Go you, America! Getting less weird about people’s sexual preferences all the time!

On the other hand, however, only 52 percent of responders said they would be enthusiastic or comfortable about an Evangelical president. Which makes sense, given that I think most of us are still reeling from Bush and not all that interested in starting any more wars that have anything to do with bringing about the “end of days” or whatever.

Also, only 3 percent of responders said they would be “enthusiastic” about a Tea Party candidate, and 30 percent said they would be “comfortable” with one. Two percentage points less than the amount who said they would be into a President with no college degree! This is going to make things pretty tough for the Republican Party come election time, as this is what their base so desperately wants.

But they’ve got an uphill battle anyway–the survey also found that, if the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would handily beat every Republican in the running. To boot, 30 percent of responders said they would be “enthusiastic” about a female president, and 55 percent said they would be “comfortable” with one. Which is pretty fascinating when you consider that only 12% said that they would be “enthusiastic” about an Evangelical president.

The survey also found that 58 percent of Americans would support the Supreme Court making same-sex marriage the law of the land, compared to only 37 percent who oppose that.

Those who responded, by the way, were mostly over 30 and pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

I highly recommend checking out the whole study for yourself, as it gives a far more nuanced picture of what “Americans” actually believe than what we’ve been told over the years. The “Silent Majority” is anything but.