Help This Mother Bury Her Two Daughters, Who Lost Their Lives To Gun Violence

It is difficult to fathom losing a child, especially when his/her life is lost to violence. Sadly, many Black mothers face this hardship on a daily basis and to make matters even worse, they sometimes cannot afford the funeral services to lay their children to rest. The media recently reported that 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed by police six months ago, still has not been buried despite the funds raised by internet activists for his funeral because of the ongoing criminal investigation that supposedly may require additional medical examination of his body. It is estimated that the delay will cost Samaria Rice, who is now living in a homeless shelter to escape the home where her son’s life was taken nearby, an additional $18k. Imagine how horrifying it must be to not be able to lay your child to rest and for money to be a problem while you are trying to mourn the loss of a child? This is the horrifying realities many Black families face today.

The mother of two girls,  Anquonette (20) and Tahnaizja Hale (15), who were shot and killed on May 3 of this year, is now trying to raise funds for their burial. The two victims were found in an alley with bullet wounds in the back, face, arm and chest.

On the GoFundMe page, their mother wrote, “We are asking for your heartfelt contributions to help bury my two daughters. They were loving girls and full of life and they deserve a proper burial.”

It is impossible to even imagine the pain this woman feels, but with certainty, her burden can be lessened a tiny bit with our help. No mother should have to wonder how she will find the money to lay her children to rest, especially not as Mother’s Day approaches. This is so heartbreaking and saddening, but it also stresses how important it is that we rally around women–of all colors– when they are in a crucial time of need. Please support this mother’s efforts and share her story via social media. [Go Fund Me]