“White God” Is A Hungarian Movie About A Dog Uprising And I Am Here For It

If you’re like me and generally prefer dogs to human beings, something tells me the newish Hungarian film, “White God,” will speak to you. A hit at the Cannes Film Festival, the movie is about a world in which mixed breed dogs — like my pup Lucca — are considered “unfit” by the government, and fed up with being mistreated and unwanted, THE MUTTS DECIDE TO RISE UP! Essentially a parable about the very real political and cultural tensions in Europe (and, really, it applies to the United States as well), the film looks both deeply moving and at times frightening, focusing on on mutt in particular, Hagen, as he both leads the doggie uprising and tries to find his way back to his own former human owner, Lili. Seriously, I started crying watching trailer. “White God” is in select theaters now and hopefully will be available on video on demand soon. [Facebook: White God]