Judy Greer Wants Equal Pay Just As Much As You Do

“My career is fulfilling, and I’m happy. But sometimes I wonder: In a parallel universe where I did everything the same but happened to be a man, would I be more successful? Would I have to hustle less? Could I eat carbs? (OK, now I’m dreaming.) In the past few months, I’ve become convinced of one thing: If I were a man, I’d be paid more. I realize that some people may not sympathize with an actress who gets to be in movies and on TV for a living. But if you take away names and vocations, the fact is that in 2015 a man is still getting paid more money to do the same job a woman does, in Hollywood and everywhere else. And no matter where you live or what you do, that’s bullsh-t.

…Until now I’ve been afraid to speak up. I was raised to never talk about money, so I never ask for more. I am terrified to be deemed ‘difficult,’ and I don’t think I’m the only woman with that fear. But a few years ago, I was lucky enough to become stepmom to a wonderful girl (a woman now; she’s 18), and I’d like to be an example for her.”

Actress Judy Greer (known most importantly as American hero Kitty Sanchez) has joined the fight for equal pay by penning a piece for the May issue of Glamour. She seems just as cool offscreen as she is when playing her most beloved characters. The full piece is short and sweet and totally worth a read. [Glamour]