Artist Nino Sarabutra Wants Us To Think About What We Drink


Here’s a video profiling Thai artist Nino Sarabutra, whose home is covered in her heart-shaped bowls and porcelain butterflies, and whose current show of sculptures focuses on consumption and indulgence, in which the viewer walks through rooms of hanging sculpted bottles and raindrops in the shape of breasts (from which babies receive possibly the only unprocessed nutrition they’ll ever have). “We are responsible for our own health, but when we drink, we take it so casually,” Sarabutra says. “I want people to think about it a little bit more.” And about the themes of her work in general: “I think life’s too short to be negative. You’re gonna die anyway, you know, why not enjoy living?” [Cool Hunting]


Medical professionals in Canada have birthed the first stem cell-assisted IVF baby. It turns out that for mothers who have “poor quality” eggs, stem cells taken from their own ovaries can help to improve their egg quality (through a process I will let the experts explain at the link, because it’s way over my head). This opens many doors for women who would otherwise have extreme difficulties conceiving. [TIME]


Former Republican political strategist under Dick Cheney, Ron Christie, has written this puff respectability piece about how Baltimore proves that Obama is moving the United States “blackwards,” mainly to promote his 2012 book of the same name (blurbed by Ann Coulter!). Christie claims that Black solidarity is dragging the country down and doing a whole lot of victim-blaming and obfuscation here, so, you know, do with this what you will. [The Daily Beast]


In other bizarrely conservative news, Jackie Chan supports the death penalty for drug offences, even after his own son was jailed on a marijuana offense in China. He says: “When you’re hurting thousands and thousands of young children, I think these kind of people are useless. You should get the right punishment.” Hoooooooooookay then, excuse me while I distance myself from my Jackie Chan movies. [BBC]

[Video via YouTube/Cool Hunting]