Tinder Can Be A Tool In Stopping Domestic Violence

A Florida domestic violence center called Women In Distress found an impactful way to reach out to women when the organization placed mini-PSAs in fake Tinder profiles. The profile photos start out as fairly innocuous images of attractive guys, but escalate with each swipe as the men reveal themselves to be violent. Any ladies who saw the profiles and swiped right would be directed to Women In Distress’s contact information instead of access to the fake guys. When the campaign launched, the ad agency working with the organization liked as many women’s profiles as they could in hopes that they’d check out the fake dudes and discover helpful information they might need. Since Tinder has access to geo-location information, the organization was able to reach out specifically to women near the center who may need its help. Brilliant! Next, I’d love to see ads targeted at men reminding them how not okay it is to be violent towards the women in their lives. [Cosmopolitan]