Man Who Killed And Ate His Girlfriend Insists He Was “Too Handsome” To Have Raped Her

Uh, what? Joseph Oberhansley, a 34-year-old man who is currently on trial for stabbing his ex-girlfriend and then eating her brain and heart has recently had his charges amended to include rape after there were significant signs indicating sexual trauma.

Oberhansley confessed last year, in an affadavit, to breaking into his ex’s home and “killing her with a knife, then using an electric jigsaw to cut open her skull before eating parts of her brain, heart and a lung,” and was charged with murder, dismemberment and burglary and is currently up for the death penalty.

He is, however, denying the rape charge. In court Oberhansley testified, I shit you not, that he is a “righteous” man and was “too handsome” to have raped his former girlfriend.

I hate to speculate here because I am reasonably sure that given the fact that Oberhansley killed and ate his girlfriend, and also spent a portion of his testimony talking about Neil Armstrong and the moon landing, that he is not all there. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but surely this is a person who — regardless of what charges are added — needs to be locked up forever so that he can’t hurt anyone else.

And, well, it goes without saying that being “too handsome” to rape someone is not a thing. Two words: Ted Bundy.

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