Just Look At This Asshole: Dr. Keith Ablow Is Schmuck Who Thinks Men Should Have “Veto Power” Over Abortions

Dr. Keith Ablow is a horrible person who says horrible things, pretty much for a living. Which is why, of course, he is the FOX News Channel’s go to psychiatrist. Every word that has ever come out of this man’s mouth is absolute garbage–from saying he doesn’t believe that trans people exist, to being totally disgusted by the idea of women actually enjoying sex, to suggesting that Michael Brown’s father should be charged with his murder for not teaching him to “respect” cops.

I have a pretty wild imagination. I feel like I am pretty good at imagining the worst possible opinions someone could possibly have on any given subject, but every time Dr. Keith Ablow opens his mouth, my jaw drops. He says things that I would literally not even assume people I disagree with would think, because I would think that was going a little too far.

Yesterday was no different. In a discussion on #Outnumbered–the show where a bunch of women who usually side with very conservative men on most things discuss the topics of the day with one of those very conservative men–Dr. Ablow weighed in on the whole Nick Loeb/Sophia Vergara thing. Naturally, he believes Nick Loeb has every right to lay claim to the embryos despite having willingly signed a contract agreeing that neither of them would be allowed to implant those embryos in anyone without the others explicit permission.

Allow me to acknowledge right now that agreements like this are very necessary when it comes to things like freezing embryos. They are, in fact, the only thing that makes sense. Two people agree to freeze the embryos, two people have to agree to unfreeze them. It wouldn’t be fair for Vergara to unfreeze and implant them herself, and it’s not fair for Loeb to want to do that either. As adults, they both agreed to this arrangement, and he needs to STFU now.

Ablow repeatedly insisted on referring to the frozen embryos as “children.” Which would only be even half-way correct if you could keep children in a refrigerator and expect them to live. As we all learned on a very special episode of “Punky Brewster,” that is not the case.

It is, of course, not so surprising that Ablow takes this position. He is, after all, horrified and repulsed by anything vaguely resembling a woman not being a Stepford Wife and men not being in charge of all the things. I wish I were exaggerating, but as I’ve mentioned, Keith Ablow’s ability to think and say terrible things far exceeds my powers of exaggeration.

As if this were not absurd enough, Ablow then dropped the mic and announced that he has long been on record as saying that men should have “veto power” over the abortions their partners have, if they agree to take care of the child.

In general, I do not believe in refuting incredibly stupid statements. I don’t believe in stupid arguments, and I adamantly refuse to validate them by explaining why they are incorrect. Obviously, men should not get “veto power” over their partner’s abortions, whether or not they are willing to take care of a child. Women are not brood mares, and there is a lot more to being pregnant than just having a child to take care of afterwards.

This, as evidenced by Dr. Keith’s previous positions on things, has literally nothing to do with the saving of babies. He does not strike me, in the least, as a man worried about precious embryos because he is so vastly empathetic to their plight. He is literally just annoyed at the idea of women being able to make any decisions or, in fact, do anything period, without written permission from a man.

The only abortion Dr. Keith Ablow has a right to “veto” would be his own. As we are not quite there yet with the technology to get Dr. Keith Ablow pregnant, he is going to have to wait until we do. Then, he can veto all the abortions he wants. Until then, he’s going to have to take a seat.