Burger King Explains, Poorly, Why They Sponsored Woman-Beater Floyd Mayweather

While many brands shied away from sponsoring Floyd Mayweather in his boxing match on Saturday–what with him being rather infamous for beating the crap out of women and all–one brand stood proudly by his side. Yes, the freak-faced King of Burger King himself swanned into the fight with Mayweather himself, paying $1 million for the privilege. Alongside Justin Bieber, because of course.

When asked by Fortune magazine why, exactly, they decided to sponsor Mayweather in light of his history of domestic abuse, the company issued a rather questionable “official response.”

“We don’t call him the King for nothing.”

What? What does that even mean? Is that a joke? If so, it’s a incredibly terrible one. It is a garbage response if ever there was one. What are they getting at here? That it is somehow kingly to beat the crap out women and frighten children? Is the Burger King actually modeled after Henry VIII?

I don’t know what kind of sociopath is in charge of Burger King’s PR department, but holy hell, they need to go a different direction. Aside from the fact that the King himself is straight-up nightmare inducing, making light of domestic violence like that is an insane thing to do. It’s not even just offensive, it’s bizarre.


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