Amy Schumer Puts Misogyny On Trial In This 22-Minute Long “12 Angry Men” Parody

Amy Schumer has made her career subtly skewering the casual and not-so-casual sexism that runs rampant in the entertainment industry and also the world. Her show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” has been relentless on this front starting with the very first episode, but it’s really coming to shine now in season three. Last night’s episode was a pitch-perfect parody of “12 Angry Men,” in which a jury of 12 relatively famous dudes, including Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum and Vincent Karthesier, put Amy’s fuckability on trial. In this scene, the jurors debate whether or not Schumer’s face on their television screens will give them a “reasonable chub.” Watch it, laugh, and then shake your head in dismay, because this is probably only a slightly heightened representation of what actually happens behind closed doors.