Airline Mistakenly Sends Woman To Barbados Instead Of New York City

Would it really be the worst thing for an airline to accidentally send you to a Caribbean island? If you paid for an entirely different trip and don’t speak the language and thus have no clue where you are, then yes. That sounds more like a nightmare, actually. At that point, your best hope is staring out the airport window and trying to imagine how nice the beach might be.

JetBlue passenger Azizgul Hussainzada must have known something was very, very wrong when she saw tropical waters out the window as her flight descended in what she thought was New York. Hussainzada left from Oakland, California, where she’d been visiting her daughter, with plans to fly to New York City’s JFK Airport and then make a connection to her hometown of Rochester, New York. Hussainzada doesn’t speak English and requested boarding assistance in California. Staff members apparently assisted her right onto an international flight to the island paradise, despite having a boarding pass clearly marked for New York.

The airline seemed to remain unaware of this for quite a while, as they told Hussainzada’s son Noorullah Maqsoodi that she was hanging out at JFK waiting for her connecting flight. Maqsoodi told CBS New York, “When she got off in Barbados, she thought that she was in Rochester. And she was like, what happened to Rochester? This looks a lot different…That’s what’s really puzzling is the fact that she didn’t have a boarding pass and how she managed to get on an international flight and fly out of the country.” You think!? When Hussainzada was asked for documentation to enter the country after landing, it became clear that she was nowhere near home. The airline rushed to give her a refund and “expedite her return to her family,” but they should be counting their lucky stars this situation didn’t grow much worse. Hussainzadacould’ve been flying home for a once-in-a-lifetime event that she couldn’t miss, or even could have been unknowingly flown someplace dangerous or that she’d have trouble leaving. [TravelPulse] [Image via Shutterstock]