25 Of The Funniest Feminists To Follow On Twitter

WAIT WHAAAT. FEMINISTS CAN BE FUNNY? Yes, and in fact usually the funniest women I read also happen to be scathing smarty-pants feminists. I, with the help of the other Frisky gals, have put together a list of 25 of some of the funniest feminists on Twitter — these hilarious women don’t necessarily only write about feminism, but their politics align that way. I chose not to rank them, as they are all on equal footing because we live in a big smiling women’s circle wearing crushed velvet skirts, obviously. The list is diverse and includes some lesser known women to follow alongside a few heavy hitters you may recognize. Enjoy your new follows!


Selena Coppock is a stand-up comedian and the author of The New Rules For Blondes, a book about having fabulous hair but also being a hard-working and thinking woman. She dabbles in super cheesy, almost dad-like jokes, but can also be a whip smart wit when she needs to. Her feminism runs throughout her timeline but so does her obsession with Guns N Roses, truck drivers and the Red Sox.


Dalia Malek is a London-based standup comedian and recent PhD recipient in International Human Rights Law. Despite how serious she sounds, Dr. Dalia’s sense of humor is out of this world. Her entire account is just one huge fuck you to the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy and she does it effortlessly, flawlessly and funnily as fuck.


Lane Moore is a standup comedian and writer for The Onion and McSweeney’s, as well as the Sex & Relationships Editor for Cosmopolitan.com. Besides being highly accomplished IRL, she somehow manages to have perfect twit pitch 24/7.


Kashana Cauley is an exceptional writer who delivers perfectly sophisticated asides no matter what the subject: race, feminism and everything in between. She writes for The Billfold and The Common.


Co-editor of The Toast, Mallory Ortberg has been an exceptionally funny feminist on Twitter since 2009. She is brash and clever and and her responses to the morons who reply to her tweets are the sickest burns in the biz.

[email protected]/@Brocklesnitch

This is the only account listed here that is pseudonymous, but we now know the mastermind behind this genius parody is Rebecca Shaw. Started shortly after the stupid as hell hashtag #womenagainstfeminism arose (which was basically just tons of women tweeting about how they hated feminism only to reveal that they mostly didn’t know what it was), @notofeminism totally turns the idea of “not needing feminism” on its head, proving that we VERY much still need it.


Jackie Carbajal is an LA-based writer with a penchant for snark. Her silliness mixed with her grasp of current events is the perfect combo.


Reading writer India Løvenskiold’s timeline is like reading the inner thoughts of a former rich hippie from Taos who now lives on the Upper East Side and languishes on her chaise lounge. Her feminist humor ranges from the prophetic to the surreal. Bask in her glory and laugh straight into your bottle of gin.


Mara Wilson is best known as the child star of the movie “Matilda.” But now she is hugely known for her incredible writing, searing feminist tweets, and soon a new book coming out through Penguin called (K) for Kid.


Katie McVay is a Chicago-based standup comedian whose self-deprecating tweets are national treasures. Her dating woes are the perfect sad song of our weird modern dating era.


Sara’s Twitter presence can best be described as the “best feminist friend you met in college who now rules the world.” That’s how funny and accessible her oeuvre happens to be. She is consistently funny and sharp. Author of Agorafabulous and the young adult novel, Great, Sara is raw, honest, and super duper smart.


Anna’s Twitter voice is a combination of truth and absurdism, and it is sometimes impossible to not retweet everything she says because of her soaring brilliance. It’s not surprising considering she is the Associate Editor of Reductress, the Onion of lady magazines.


Maura Quint is a writer for Someecards and McSweeney’s and has been on so many Twitter best of lists we’ve all lost count. Here’s another. Follow her. For reals.


Julia Weiss describes herself as “Female Writer / Female Actor / Female Improviser / Female Comedian / Female Woman in Chicago.” Enough said.


Obsessed with “Game of Thrones” and all things Disney (mostly “Frozen”), Sara is a tweeter extraordinaire who pumps out zingers literally every day. Her brain is a machine, but not in, like, an objectifying way. She’s still fully human as a woman.


Siohbhan Thompson is a writer for College Humor. Her tweets are feminist masterpieces, but her misanthropic edge proves that you can be feminist and also pissed off at the entire world the way most smart people are anyway.


The woman behind the curls and the comedy is Abbie Crutchfeld. She’s what I would call Twitter Classic, as she’s been making people laugh since forever. She is now the host of People.com’s “People Now.”


Creator of the Feminist Ryan Gosling Tumblr which later became a book, Danielle Henderson is the current Culture Editor of Fusion. She delivers the perfect balance of pop culture and feminist erudition.


Kiki D’s twitter is a series of vignettes of almost breathless genius. She manages to encapsulate some of the darkest and most visceral aspects of womanhood in just 140 characters. Keep an eye out for the many storifys of her tweets – they read like short stories.


Writer Samantha Irby’s account is full of amazing advice that delivers hilarious realness constantly. Her book, Fun Sized, is coming Spring 2016, published by Vintage.


Leiby’s deeply sardonic feminist tone is perfect for a weekend full of drinking and laughing at the absurdity that is being a woman in this world. Expect lots of rumination on whisky, wine, napping and snacks, aka everything we need to get by. She is also co-author of the book Lean Over: Women, Work and Women’s Work, a parody of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.


Lynne Bixenspan is a successful comedian in New York City, and her brassy, bold schtick is entirely perfect on Twitter. She can be weird and silly and biting all in the same tweet.


Naomi Ekperigin is a standup comedian and writer for one of our favorite shows in the universe, “Broad City.” She is also probably the best “Scandal” live tweeter we’ve ever read.


Maris Kreizman is a writer, reader and creator of the Tumblr Slaughterhouse 90210, a mashup of sorts where great books meet pop culture. And great news, she has since turned the blog into a book, coming out in October 2015! Maris’s tweets are both nerdy and on-trend, and her sense of humor is academic with a dash of flare. FOLLOW.


Allegra Ringo writes for VICE, The Advocate, and performs at UCB Theatre. She loves dogs with a passion and writes with the intelligence of an ancient sage. Her humor is illustrative, jocular and unexpected.

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