RIP Society: This Restaurant Has Special Plates For Instagramming Your Food

I’m fairly shameless in my love of Instagram, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. For me, that line arrives at the Foodography experience, an event designed to make your food as Instagram-ready as possible with fancy edible designs on special plates. Participants can take workshops with photographer Dan Perez to get their iPhone angle just right. The magic photogenic plates, designed by ceramic artist Adi Nissani, spin so you can nail down the perfect angle and come with a built-in phone stand. All this can be yours for only $155! That’s all you need to photograph perfectly good food that you may or may not eat afterward!

Foodography is the creation of Carmel Winery and Catit restaurant in Israel. It only runs through June, but Carmel hopes to ultimately expand the phenomenon to other countries. Look, great photography is awesome. Great cooking is awesome. This event is probably awesome to plenty of people. But I just can’t. I will say this, though: Foodography’s Instagram hashtage, #fdgr, is one of the more glorious streams of food porn I’ve ever come across, so I guess they’re doing their jobs right. Maybe I’m actually just subconsciously jealous or something. [BuzzFeed]