Etsy Spotlight: Tiny Wearable Pizza Slices

As my wise colleague Rebecca once said, “pizza is forever,” and right she is. Pizza is a lifestyle, so why wouldn’t you want Shay Aaron Miniatures’ tiny pizza earrings to display your oldest and most universally adored edible passion to everyone you meet? If plain old pepperoni doesn’t do it for you, you can spice things up with bacon pizza jewelry, veggie pizza jewelry, or even the coveted pizza-and-coke earring combo. Hell, you can have pizza cufflinks! While I’m partial to the pie, the shop sells itty bitty goodies shaped like just about every kind of food under the sun — buttered toast, mojitos, avocados, you name it. Aaron is based in Tel Aviv and forms all his creations with polymer clay, using teensy tweezers and other tools. He’s great at what he does, but my question is how one happens upon a talent for making tiny faux food. It doesn’t seem like a skill you can just fall into! Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s a thing. [$25, Shay Aaron Miniatures via That’s Nerdalicious]