53 Mexico City Candidates Sign On To #YoMeMuevo Social Mobility Campaign


Leading up to Mexico’s June 7 elections, 53 candidates for public office in the Greater Mexico City have joined the #YoMeMuevo mobility campaign for better public transportation in Mexico. The “I Move” letter states five goals for cities: To be high-density, efficient, and participatory; to ensure safety and quality of movement for pedestrians; to promote bicycling as a mode of public transportation; to increase the quality, coverage, and accessibility of public transportation vehicles; and to decrease the use of cars. It’s both a movement for social mobility and for the environment. [RedPolítica]


Jalisco New Generation has become the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico, overtaking the Sinaloa cartel as it’s split following the death of its leader in early 2014. This week, CJNG was targeted by the Mexican military following the cartel’s attack on a military helicopter, but responded by setting up narco-blockades on highways and setting fire to gas stations around western Mexico. [Televisa]


Despite all the political noise in the U.S. about protecting the Mexican-American border and limiting immigration from Mexico, it turns out that Mexican all immigration to the U.S. – documented and undocumented – has been overtaken by immigration to the U.S. from China and India. In 2013, Chinese and Indian immigrants numbered about 147,000 each, while Mexican immigrants numbered about 125,000. Mexican immigration has been declining due to an improving Mexican economy and lower birth rates, as well as the American recession. [Wall Street Journal]


Frida Kahlo’s most treasured belongings, as photographed by Ishiuchi Miyako when they came out of a 50-year stay in storage in 2004, will be on display in London’s Richard Hoppen Gallery for two months starting on May 14. Kahlo dressed as fabulously as she created art. Where can I get those boots? [The Guardian]

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