The Spice Girls Reunited Sans Scary Spice

David Beckham turned 40 over the weekend, which provided the perfect excuse for his wife Victoria Beckham to fly all their BFFs to Morocco to celebrate and invite her fellow ex-Spice Girls to join in the fun. Scary Spice was mysteriously absent from the evening, but Eva Longoria seemed all too happy to take her place in the meantime. Apparently they’re all pals, because of course they are, though I still find Scary’s disappearance extremely questionable. Is this a Spice coup? Should we be concerned? Is Eva an aspiring singer hoping to convince them to let her sub in on some reunion tour!? My eyes are peeled, Eva. Ulterior motives or not, the gang had a much more chic weekend than we did.

Too much fun with Emma and Mel! #DB40

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Nothing like a catnap in an airport after a fun night! @EmmaBunton @tanaramsay #DB40

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