CNN: Hillary Clinton And Carly Fiorina Are In A “Girl Fight”


There’s a lot to be learned from Norway’s legal mandates on gender parity in corporate boardrooms. On top of benefiting corporations in terms of bringing more diverse experiences into corporate leadership, board directors say that women on corporate boards have tended to be more interested in managerial oversight and risk evaluation. Could these changes be affected in the United States, and how? [The Atlantic]


A 10-year-old girl from Paraguay, raped and impregnated by her stepfather, has been denied an abortion, according to Amnesty International. The Paraguayan Minister of Health Antonio Barrios denied the girl’s mother’s request, saying, “There is no indication that the health of the (girl) is at risk … therefore we are not, from any point of view, in favor of the termination of the pregnancy.” Absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. [Cosmopolitan]


CNN hosts Carol Costello and Dana Bash have characterized Carly Fiorina’s entry into the Republican campaign for the presidency as a “girl fight” between Fiorina and Hillary Clinton in some incredibly witty and intelligent commentary last night. Costello also said she wished Clinton and Fiorina would “stop talking about being the first woman president,” because JEEZ, GUYS, NBD. [RawStory]


While many Smith College alumni are pleased with the school’s decision to admit trans women applicants, several are not, citing many-decades-outdated arguments about gender identity and casting the trans* experience as merely being “the empty rhetoric of identity politics.” Gross. It’s a good thing Smith graduates of the future will be more open-minded. [Cosmopolitan]


San Francisco’s new fast food chain, Loco’l, is doing environmental good by making cheap burgers. Chef Roy Choi says the plan is to compete with fast food staples like McDonald’s by minimizing waste, creatively reusing food that, in a McDonald’s, quality standards would otherwise require to go in the trash (did you know that fries that aren’t sold within seven minutes get thrown out? Yeesh). The fact that Loco’l is willing to use scraps, bruised vegetables, and non-choice meats is going to help them become one of the growing wave of sustainable restaurants. [The New Yorker]

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