Carly Fiorina Launches Presidential Campaign, Forgets To Register

Carly Fiorina–whose primary accomplishments in life include being forced to step down from Hewlett-Packard after basically running it into the ground and laying off tens of thousands of people while doing so, as well as a failed run for California Senate against Barbara Boxer–is running for President as a Republican.

OH. And this incredibly disturbing campaign ad about how some dude she was running against in the Republican Senate Primary was in cahoots with demonic sheep.

Carly loves fetuses and hates abortions, supports a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, and supports those idiotic “Religious Freedom” bills allowing pizza places and bakeries and auto-repair shops to discriminate against gay people.

Oh, and also! Despite having been CEO of a tech company, it did not occur to her to register the domain So someone else bought it, and that someone else decided to use it to let the world know–in the form of 30,000 frowny faces–how many people were let go from their jobs, at her behest, during her tenure. Then, down at the bottom, it says this:

That’s 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she would have done differently?

“I would have done them all faster.”
—Carly Fiorina

Fiorina has historically been extremely callous in regards to the people she let go. In defense of her company’s habit of letting American workers go in favor of cheaper labor overseas, she once stated “There is no job that is America’s god-given right anymore.”

Which would be a cruel but in some ways sense-making thing to say…if Hewlett Packard had never been the beneficiary of any subsidies coming from taxpayer money. Which it has! In fact, Conway, Arkansas paid HP over $12 million in cash to set up a call center there, and used taxpayer money to build that call center to their specifications. It was supposed to mean 1,200 jobs for the community. However, three years later they laid off 500 people and transferred those jobs overseas.

That, I believe, is a strategy called “take the money and run.” I’m going to say that if the American taxpayers are going to fund your company, then yeah, you owe them jobs. In fact, you owe them well-paying jobs. If you want to transfer all those jobs overseas, then you should have to pay back every cent you’ve been given, and every tax break you’ve gotten, so that we can give that money to a business that is going to provide jobs for Americans.

Call me crazy, but I think there need to be consequences for American companies that want all the benefits of being an American company–including our money–and yet take their jobs overseas and their money to off-shore tax-shelters.

I don’t think Carly Fiorina has a shot in hell at winning even the Republican nomination, but her candidacy should make things a little more interesting–and ironically may end up making the other candidates running actually start to at least pretend to care about the American worker Fiorina has such a callous disregard for, which could be good for all of us. Oh, and because there might be more demon sheep.


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