Freddie Gray Protests: Legal Volunteers And Medical Staff Arrested For Defying Curfew

In the wake of the continuing Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore, 50 people were arrested Saturday night for being out on the streets past curfew. The arrests occurred within 10 minutes of the curfew’s cutoff (10PM). Among those 50 people were several legal aids and medical staff who have been on the scene to help injured and disenfranchised protestors.

The director of the ACLU of Maryland, Deborah Jeon, blatantly opposes the curfew: “At this point, it is being used to restrict the first-amendment rights of protestors, legal observers, and the media, and is engendering needless tension and hostility.”

Damn right. It is clear our creepy police state is shuttering and infantilizing Baltimore citizens to silence them. Arresting the much needed volunteer staff to help those citizens is a further slap in the face.

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