Style 911: A Classy Way To Show Some Sideboob

Hi! I’m looking for the perfect outfit to show off a little side boob… I know that sounds kind of scandalous but being small up top its something I think I could get away with.  I’d prefer a dress but would be open to the idea of a romper. My only request is that it not be too tight on the bottom half and not be too formal. I attached one I saw online that isn’t available anymore for an idea.  I also like the idea of a halter or something backless. Thanks for any help! — Brianna

Wanting to embrace the glory that is side boob is awesome. The technicalities of execution are trickier. The key with a dress that shows this off is taste. There are levels to this. You want the dress to reveal the shape without showing your hand. It’s effortlessly sexy, pleasant and cool on a hot summer day, and lets you slink through life confident and secure and beautiful, showing only the side of your goodies without giving away the entire thing for free. It’s also just a good look, one that I’m envious of, as someone with a rack that requires a bra at all times, lest I injure myself or others around me. So, I’m here for you. Here are some dresses — and a few rompers, because once you go onesie, you will not want to go back — that will help you live your best and most free sideboob life.

Here is a romper that’s cut daringly low on the side, but any attendant snakiness is tempered by the harem pants on the bottom. This looks extremely comfortable and very cute.


I love the color of this long, floaty maxi, and the very thin, floss-like straps that are holding it up are hot like fire. Also, it costs $26, so just get one in every color.


Backless dresses are awesome, and halter dresses are good too, but this strappy, cagey number looks like it’s perfect for summer, and it’s adorable.


This is cut nice and low on the side, but any scandalousness is kept in check by the length and shape.


Look at that color! Look at that texture! Look at that intricate strap action in the back! Adjust these straps as you see fit, to show as much or as little sideboob as you want.