School Furious At Dad For Posting Pictures Of His Bullied Son Online

Officials at an elementary school Methuen, Massachusetts are simply aghast at a parent for posting a picture of his bruised and bloody child on social media, after that child was assaulted by other students at the school, He is in second grade.

The father, Charles Nesbitt, 35, says that his son was being bullied for weeks and the school refused to do anything about it. He figured a little bit of public shaming might spur them into action.

Via Boston Herald:

Nesbitt said the school nurse called him Tuesday, after his son, a student at the Donald P. Timoney Grammar School, was pushed down on the playground.

He said when he arrived, his son had blood and bruises on him.

Nesbitt posted the pictures on social media, captioned “courtesy of Methuen schools.”

He included a message that said, “after weeks of complaining to the school that (my son) is being bullied, I’m now going to dismiss him because he got jumped in second grade and he’s in the nurse’s 
office crying hysterically. Unacceptable.”

Of course, the school officials now have their panties in a bunch because they’re embarrassed. To cover their asses, they sent a letter out to all parents, calling Nesbitt’s posting of the picture of his child “inappropriate” and “unacceptable.

“Please know that teachers and administrators were aware of the situation and acted immediately and appropriately,” [Principal Timothy J. Miller] wrote. “I feel it is important to note that the manner in which this incident was reported and shared through a variety of social media sites was unacceptable. Many of the comments made were inaccurate and based on rumor and innuendo.

“I am shocked at the complete lack of respect shown to some of our finest teachers and staff members.”

I am 100% with the father on this. Good for him! The unacceptable thing is that this happened in the first place, not that he told people about it. His kid got injured on school grounds and he is under no obligation to protect the school’s reputation. If shaming the hell out of them is the best way to protect his son? Then by all means, that is exactly what he should do.

I will fully admit that my perspective here is colored by my own life experience. To this day, I have never personally met any human being as cruel and vicious as Massachusetts elementary school students. I am not even exaggerating here. Shit, if you want to know why I’m not all that bothered by internet trolls, it is simply because they do not hold a candle to the people I rode the bus with. I say to myself every day “I handled that? I can handle anything!

I have also, to this day, never met anyone less helpful than Massachusetts school officials. I know this dance better than anyone, and I absolutely believe Charles Nesbitt when he says he’s been complaining for weeks without anyone doing anything about it. Hell, my parents complained for ten years and no one did anything. Except suggest that I try harder to fit in.

Personally, I hope every parent who has a kid who is being bullied and is dealing with a school that wants to put on horseblinders about it should do this or something like it. Otherwise, they will just keep sweeping it under the rug–because it’s not something they’re going to take care of out of the kindness of their hearts. Maybe next time a parent calls and complains that this is happening to their kids, they will not be so quick to ignore it and hope it goes away. [Boston Herald]