Glenn Beck: If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage, People Will Stop Going To Church

Welp! Here we are! One more insane thing to add to the list of completely absurd fears of what will happen if gay marriage is legal throughout the nation, as is pretty likely to happen in the very near future.

Steaming pile of rat puke and purveyor of designer denim Glenn Beck is pretty sure that what will happen is that 50% of the people who go to church now will stop going to church in five years.

Now, I had a couple of guesses as to why that might be before I saw the video. Perhaps they will lose faith in a God that would allow people who don’t believe in the same things they do to go on about their business? Perhaps they will realize that like, nothing actually bad has come from same-sex couples being allowed to marry each other and lose their faith after feeling as though they’ve been lied to? Or perhaps they were really only attending church in the hopes of preventing gay people from getting married anyway, and will stop bothering once they lose that fight.

Nope! It will be because the persecution will just be too much for them. Because they’ll just be losing their jobs all over the place and maybe being murdered and they will decide it is not worth it.

To illustrate what may come to pass, Beck recalled a letter from a Vicar in Baghdad who recounted how five Christian children were shot by ISIS for refusing to convert to Islam. He says that those children were able to stand up for their faith in the face of persecution, but that Americans would probably quit believing if their jobs were on the line.


Honestly? I don’t really care if people attend church or not. This is not on my list of problems. Second, no one is going to be fired from their job for going to church. No one cares if people want to go to church or believe in god, least of all me. That is your business. Trust me, I am not getting it together to go to your house and murder you for your beliefs. I don’t even feel like doing my laundry this weekend.

However, yes! Actually. If your religion means that you can’t treat your employees or customers fairly? Then yeah, you just might lose your job. Just like anything else that would prevent you from doing your job well. People also might not want to give their business to an person who discriminates against others!

However, I think most people can manage how to figure out balancing their religious beliefs with their actual jobs in the secular world. If they can’t, then they need to figure out a job they can do without actively harming anyone.