#TBT: The 1989 “Girl Talk” TV Show Starring Punky Brewster And Buffy Summers

Once upon a time–and apparently for only one episode, though I could swear there were more–there was a TV show based on the “Girl Talk” series of board games. Which, yes, exciting–but even more exciting than that? It starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Soleil Moon Frye! At this time in my life, natch, the two most exciting things were playing “Girl Talk” with my neighbor and religiously watching Punky Brewster every day at 5:30.

I am very excited to report that I have found this great lost TV show on the YouTube, and that it is even more ridiculous than I remember. Get ready for a lot of val-speak and screaming hysterically about BOYS.

OH, and if Girl Talk, Punky Brewster and Buffy aren’t exciting enough for you? Check out the super special guests at the end… THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!

Commence shrieking.

The pilot also features an interview with Brian Robbins of “Head of The Class”–whom I must tell you was my legit first crush.

head of the class

I’m not sure how to justify this to you, except to tell you that as a child, my “type” was whatever dude in a TV show or movie was supposed to be “the rebel,” as designated by a leather biker jacket. I am, however, somewhat relieved that Sarah Michelle Gellar was also way into the mullet. So there?

Anyway, you should like, totally, for sure watch this! And then you can like, call up a cute boy in your class and sing him your favorite television theme song so you can get a fortune card! Yay!