Ryan Adams Finally Covered Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” And It Was Lovely

Thirteen years ago, a fan at a Ryan Adams concert asked that he sing “Summer of ’69.” All these years later, Ryan has finally made good on that request! At the time, the fan’s wayward shout from the crowd proved to be a grave mistake. As you’re probably aware, modern singer-songwriter and Heartbreaker artist Ryan Adams is not ’80s-chic legend/”Summer of ’69” writer Bryan Adams. They are vastly different men, separated only by an errant letter “B,” and Ryan fervently resented that “B” back in the day. When the song was first requested, he launched into a rant onstage and demanded the fan be tossed out of the gig and refunded. But for some reason, Tuesday night was the magical night when he decided to give his audience the meta moment they’ve long dreamed of. Out of nowhere, he began a beautiful acoustic cover of the jam (and surely sent every audience member into the kind of nostalgia-fest that song always prompts). Worth the wait! [Spin]