Jon Stewart Will Start An Animal Farm After He Leaves “The Daily Show”

When Jon Stewart retires from “The Daily Show,” he and his wife Tracey plan to give a home to farm animals rescued from cruelty because they’re just the coolest. The Stewarts, who are big supporters of the organization Farm Sanctuary, bought a farm in New Jersey to give new life to critters who would otherwise have suffered brutal fates. Tracey is also publishing a book this October, “Do Unto Animals,” all about improving the lives of animals, and plans to donate some of the proceeds to Farm Sanctuary. The Stewarts, who have two kids, have four dogs along with pigs, hamsters, rabbits, guina pigs, a parrot, and fish. Tracey told the organization, “the joy of interacting with animals as friends instead of using them for human consumption is life-changing.” Awww. I guess if I were a millionaire retiring young, I’d start a farm too. Why the hell not?


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