The Media’s Obsession With “Mom Of The Year” Toya Graham Has Racist Undertones


You know that video of Baltimore mom Toya Graham dragging her son and smacking him upside the head that went viral this week? Well, she’s been unwittingly turned into an icon by both conservatives and liberals, with neither side actually interested in the “mom of the year”‘s motives for flipping out on her son (fear, it seems, as she doesn’t want him to become another Freddie Gray, dead at the hands of the police). As this solid piece on Mic notes about the inherent racism in all the attention, “The media loves Graham because she is acting how American culture stereotypically sees — and prefers — black women. America wants a strong, ‘angry black woman’ keeping her ‘thug’ son in check.” [Mic]


Yet another disturbingly graphic reminder that women are also the victims of police brutality. Newly leaked video footage shows a Bay Area BART cop literally breaking a drunk woman’s face in the police station lobby. Officer Nolan Pianta said he “used an arm bar takedown and guided [victim Megan Sheehan] to the ground,” but the video, not to mention the injuries Sheehan, who was knocked unconscious, sustained, clearly shows completely unnecessary and violent force was used. Sheehan was never charged and she is now suing Pianta and BART. [Jezebel]


Whoa. While I would hardly go so far as to call Pope Francis a feminist, his latest appeal to Catholics sure is. The Pope took a hard stance on pay equity, saying that the fact that women make less than men for performing the same jobs is a “pure scandal.” He went on to encourage Catholics to “become more demanding” for that “radical equality” by “supporting the right of equal pay for equal work.” Damn, Francis, wanna come to my bra-burning bonfire next week? [Washington Post]


Let’s talk about how weird and fucked up it is that for some victims of revenge porn, copyrighting their naked body parts is the only way to get their nude photos removed from the internet. [CNN]