The “Lizzie McGuire” Cast Went Bowling And Didn’t Invite Me

Hilary Duff made our early 2000s dreams come true Monday night when she met up at a bowling alley with former co-stars Lalaine and Jake Thomas, better known as Lizzie’s BFF Miranda and little brother Matt. If only I’d been invited, you know, to stand in and take group pictures for them as their faux best friend. None of them have mentioned much else about what exactly prompted this reunion, but the three look adorable and happy as ever to be together, and that’s all I really need to know. Since “Lizzie” came to an end, Lalaine has pursued a music career and is still acting, while Jake has launched a photography career. Everything about this is adorable, though Refinery29 did astutely observe that Hilz was supposed to be on a bowling Tinder date that night instead of with these two. The plot thickens!

So this happened last night… #LizzieMcGuire

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