“Seinfeld” Is Coming To Hulu!

Hulu has acquired the streaming video-on-demand rights to every episode of “Seinfeld”! The show, which somehow remains ageless despite its 1998 demise, will begin streaming on Hulu in June, just in time for us to start itching for something new after binging on our newly-streamable favorites “Friends” and “Gilmore Girls.”

Hulu beat out several other streaming programs who’ve vied for “Seinfeld” in the past, and while we don’t know what the company paid for the deal, the LA Times reported that each episode was valued at up to $1 million. When Hulu made the announcement today, Jerry Seinfeld himself was on hand with to make the moment more fun. In a Q&A session after the news was shared, an audience member asked him what the show might be like in 2015. Seinfeld had a bleak answer: “Annoying. What reason would Kramer have to come over? He would just text me… there goes the show.” Goodbye, quality sitcoms. At least now thanks to Hulu we’ll be able to stubbornly cling to the much more entertaining past.

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