Ready Your Tissues And Watch This Clip From The “Prancing Elites Project”

The Prancing Elites are a dance troupe based in Alabama, made up of gay, black men.They’ve been around for a minute, doing their thing and J-setting across this great land, but as you can imagine, doing what they do where they live is not that easy. Now they have a reality show on Oxygen, The Prancing Elites Project,” which follows them around as they try to get up in the entertainment scene.

The first episode is charming, and the second, which airs tonight, is sure to be more of the same.  They have their supporters, but also their fair share of haters, which they endure with grace and dignity, because they were raised right. Also, they’re immensely talented, funny and charming, which helps their case.

But sometimes their family isn’t always as supportive as they could be. In this exclusive clip obtained by Vulture, a dancer named Adrian asks his mom to come and watch one of their performances at a competition they’re hosting. She’s never seen her grown-ass, talented child perform, and you know what? That sucks. All he wants is for his mom to see what him do what he loves. Arm yourself with a Kleenex and hit play. [Vulture]