OK Lawmaker Threatens To Set Himself On Fire Over Legal Abortions

During a debate last week on Senate Bill 548, meant to give 6 percent raises to Supreme Court Judges and other appellate judges using court fees, Oklahoma Representative Kevin Calvey threw a conniption fit over abortion. You know, because it’s never not a good time to throw a conniption fit over women exercising their reproductive rights if you are a Republican Representative from Oklahoma.

At first, Calvey merely suggested that the judges should not get these raises as punishment for allowing abortion to be legal, and for ruling against ridiculous restrictions on the procedure.

But then, he started yelling. A lot. And then he announced that if suicide were not against God’s rules, that he would go stand in front of the Supreme Court building, douse himself in gasoline, and set himself on fire in order to protest the evil in that building.”

Dude. Seriously. Go and do. You’re already a politician so you’ve probably broken that commandment against lying a few times! Besides, if you really cared about controlling women’s sex lives, then you would be willing to really martyr yourself for the cause. You would be willing to risk an eternity in hell, as long as you could burn there forever knowing that you did your part to try and prevent women from having safe and legal abortions. Sure! It would hurt, but every time you saw a woman arriving there after having died from an illegal abortion, the flames would surely warm your heart.