Congratulations Miss Piggy, You Are Now Officially A Feminist

The Brooklyn Museum is choosing to honor a very special “person” with their Sackler Center First Award: Miss Piggy. Following in the footsteps of her foresisters Anita Hill, Toni Morrsion and Julie Taymor, Miss Piggy will receive the award at the June 4th ceremony, presented by Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem will hand Miss Piggy, a puppet wearing an evening gown, an award that will be draped over her not-actually-sentient neck. This is 2015, man. Wild stuff.

I don’t disagree with the choice. Miss Piggy is a worthy recipient as any, a personal idol of mine as a child, and inspiration to every person out there who fully embraces their lack of chill. See the below example. Can you really tell me she doesn’t deserve it?

In case you were wondering if she’ll attend solo, never fear. Her eternal sideline ho, Kermit, will be there to hold her purse obviously. [AP]